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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Excuse me there are crumbs in my Audio Tour

Welcome to the Audio Tour of a small not for profit community organisation 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Microwave Feminism

We've had first wave
We've had second wave
Now it's time for Microwave Feminism

#Microwavefeminism  it's polemic

#Microwavefeminism it's erudite

#Microwavefeminism when you press defrost
you are fully emancipated 

#Microwavefeminism it's coming to a sponge near you

Jowly Men in Suits

 As we grapple with yet another leadership stoush here in Australia the idea is that if Prime Minister Abbott is out, then another - better option  - will come in.
 Of course that is balderdash, one man out, another man in - usually sporting a jowly chin.
 Sighs all round.
 My kids - two girls, hate watching comedy on TV with me - and when I say hate, I don't mean hate as in: I hate salt and vinegar chips, give me thrice baked honey coated soy vegan flavored chips instead kind of hate,I mean really HATE it.
 We watched Adam Hills Uk show the other night, I was ready:  arms folded, jaw clenched, grumpy before the first joke was told.
Look, I said, just firkin look, 3 men, not a woman in site, there are no funny women on TV kids, none, well rarely anyway
I watched: jaws clenched, arms folded, brow furrowed.
Oh mum, there are loads of funny women, you always say that, and just shush, just this once could you just shush and not complain about the lack of funny women on TV.
 So I watched, the strong cup of tea didn't help, the half eaten bag of malteasers, whilst lovely, didn't help and the only reference to women on the show was a lolling paper cut out of Sarah Palin's head, which really didn't help.
 You can do anything, I say to my kids, one is 10 and other is 16- anything at all, I say.In life, I mean not like anything at all - like eat the whole  box of Thornton's assortment - which I might add is a surprising addition to the supermarket shelves in Australia - I'm from the UK and seeing Thornton's on the supermarket shelves is nice but just cheapens Thorntons' somewhat - I digress .
You can do anything: I encourage them to give comedy a go - it's really empowering, I tell them, it's up there with birth and getting a cleaner in once a fortnight.
Give stuff a go I encourage them - the 16 year old is taking that a bit literally, but hey YOLO.
Back to the leadership stoush. Our esteemed prime minister - remained in power, his portfolio intact - he is the self appointed minister for women's affairs.
Excuse me there are creeps in my comedy

So we watch the news, eyes glazing over like a nice ham at Christmas time -  as the political rhetoric is spewed forth, men in suits nodding, their jowly chins wobbling.
Mum the kids say in unison, look it’s just like watching a comedy show right? Not a woman in site. 
Sighs all round. Bag of malteasers at the ready.
Yes, I say,  yes it is.
The only difference is the politicians get paid a lot more than comedians do and their chins wobble so much, that they really should join the circus instead of doing politics.
Hang on a minute...