Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Crumbs That Got The Snub

Hi Justine

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. We have now had a chance to look at your work and although we really enjoyed what we read, in particular the title story ‘Panacalty’, unfortunately we don’t feel we would be the right agents to take it any further. I am very sorry to disappoint but thank you very much for thinking of us in connection with your writing.

Best wishes


Hi Justine

The Editorial Board met this week to discuss manuscripts which included your submission.  After much discussion, the Board reluctantly made the decision that this collection was not one for this publishing house.I know this is no comfort but the  Board wanted me to convey to you that you have a unique voice and that there was a great deal to appreciate in your collection.


Hi Justine,

You are a talented writer and we love the stories but 
unfortunately think the British stories are a bit too removed from 
Australian life. You write with humour and warmth which is to be 

Again, really sorry that your manuscript ultimately wasn't for us but we wish you all the best with it elsewhere.

Best regards



Friday, February 15, 2019

Tempest on Tyneside - sneak peak....

Tempest on Tyneside 

A hilarious dystopian feminist take on climate change.
 Set in Sunderland 

‘There’ll be boatloads of them tonight Joe,’ I say as we sup on a pint, looking out over Roker Beach, ‘hundreds of them, thirsty and gagging to see a match.’
‘I never bother going, now man, it’s just too hard to get to the stadium because of all the storm work. I just can’t get there.’ Joe belches, taps his pint glass, signals to the barman for another. ‘Daft buggers, coming up here for the drink and the footy every weekend. Who’d do the journey on a night like this an’ all. I said to the missus this morning, it’s like being back in the glory days but it’s not steel, ships or coal that’s putting us on the map, now like.’
‘Listen to this man,’ I read the update from The Echo that’s pulsing across my data screen, ‘All working men’s clubs are to be reopened to help cope with the influx of beer drinkers from the south. Why man, we just need a comedian like The Little Waster and the clubs would be more popular than the footy. H’way, let’s get down to the pier.’

Excuse me there are crumbs in my anthology

Full story available in the Patrician Press Tempest Anthology Available 1 March order your copy HERE - all proceeds go to Amnesty International.