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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Excuse me it's time to follow the trail of crumbs

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Red Light District (2017)
Scored a gig at the Comedy Club in Amsterdam.I am on my own in the city. It’s a buzz. I have never been on my own before, no really, never.

Funny Women Down Under (2015)
My kids hate watching comedy on TV with me, especially shows like Live at the Apollo or highlights from Montreal or Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Cultural Capital - a call to arms (2017)
This is a call to arms inspired by Alex Fein’s recent JWOW article ‘Exile Never Felt So Good.’  I was glad to see someone had written about how hard it is to do this thing: to add to the Jewish cultural landscape... READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

J is for Jigsaw(2016)

I grew up in the working class town of Sunderland, North East England. It is a cold harsh place, filled with closed coal mines  discontinued steel works, a defunct ship building industry, heavy drinkers and aggressive soccer fans. At school there were kids who burnt down classrooms and bullied others relentlessly ...READ FULL ARTICLE HERE
Inner City Jew(2016)
I am a fabled Jew of the North, of the red lipstick wearing, Radio National quoting, back yard chook owner variety. I am conversant in acronyms, grant writing idioms and the bureau speak of the not for profit sector from my day job and I can wax lyrical for hours about the perils, pleasures and pitfalls of doing stand up comedy, but the language of orthodoxy sometimes leaves me flummoxed... READ FULL ARTICLE HERE