Friday, September 30, 2016

Excuse me there are crumbs of chocolate in my prize

I won first prize in the Grace Marion Wilson Emerging short story competition, for 'Price Check.' 

You can see the trail of crumbs in this blog leading to the big moment. 

Last time I won a prize was at Girl Guide Camp for a cracking rendition of Frank Spencer followed up quickly by a show stopping impression of Uncle Bulgaria chief Womble. The prize was a family bar of cadbury's  milk chocolate. 

I have been pursuing the sweet taste of success ever since.

This is what the judge said of Price Check:
The winner of the prize for short fiction is ‘Price Check’ by Justine Slessan exploration into early motherhood and the secrets we all keep. It is a story about isolation and an exploration of how we can do something for ourselves. “Put simply,” said Steed, “this is the freshest, most original story among the competition entries. Both about parenting and yet not, it showcases a voice I'd love to hear more from in years to come.”

Straight to the trophy cabinet- which has lots of room in it because there is just the curled up wrapper from that block of dairy milk.

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