Sunday, July 9, 2017

Excuse me there are crumbs on board this trip

You had me
At Central Station.

Bike through the city
A city made for bicycle destinations

Jewish Quarters
And house loads
Visting Anne Frank.

Tulips as tchotchkes
Cheese and beers on tap
Dope smoke in clouds
Avoided inhalation.

A gig in a bar
Anti Semitism and sexism
Travel through comedy rooms
Near and far.

Amsterdam to Krakow
A festival of Jews
Despite and inspite of history.

Gig in a bar
All the way to the punchline.

Auschwitz and Birkenau
9,000 visitors every day
No words to describe.

Make Humus not War
Said a café to the diner
Drink beer and some more
Said the diner to the cafe.

Krakow to Tel Aviv
A quick stop in Heathrow
Daughter and sister 
Swing by just to say hello.

Tel Aviv 
Hotel a YMCA 
Built by a Mench.

Walk to the Old Town
Leading all the way to the wall
We weep and we wail
And then we weep even more.

For the past is always there
Israel in a state
78 years young
Ancient in its repose.

A family tree connects
Post war Jews in Jerusalem
Cousins connect at dinner
Eat, smile, then weep
For what could have been.

Masada the house that Herod Built
A cliff top retreat
Resplendent in its power
Defenceless in its splendour.

The Dead Sea 
Is dying
The splash of death crashes to the shore

Another gig in bar
Not many giggles to be had
Maybe next year in Jerusalem
The jokes will take flight.

More cousins and an aunt
A fleeting moment in Jerusalem 
A life time in the heart.

For Israel to exist
There is pain 
Despite the fact that
Yad Vashem screams
Never, ever, ever again.

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