Thursday, July 20, 2017

Excuse me there are crumbs on my holiday photographs

As the crows flies:
Melbourne - Amsterdam 16,435km
Amsterdam - Krakow 1,219 kms
Krakow Heathrow 1,438km
Heathrow Tel Aviv 4,950 kms
Tel Aviv Newcastle 5,296kms

Amsterdam 20 June - 26 June 
Jewish quarter
A city built for bikes
Gig in a bar 
Rode at night and came upon a windmill, thought it was a darlek.
Small hotel - friendly staff
Anne Frank house so many people waiting to go in and look - where were they all 1939 -1945?
Dope smoke everywhere - made me panic
Everyone so polite and friendly 
Great markets
Went to more supermarkets than museums
Watched : Punchline, Trainspotters 2.
Read Shrill Lindy West

Amsterdam canal - near Anne Frank House 

26- 30  June The drive in was grim.
The Jewish quarter was nice
Food truck parks everywhere
The festival had great posters and promotion
Gig in old part of krakow in a bar was great
They worked hard to get an audience
Paid 300 zlotys!
Festival gig tough crowd
Visited Auschwitz - the scale of it - the sheer bloody scale of it - the rooms full of hair, shoes and spectacles
9,000 people go there every day
Hotel very spacious
Beers amazing
Food good and very cheap
Festival was an earnest crowd -
Sam and Gina Rosenberg from Melbourne
Holocaust over load - so much reflection and tourism related activities
Jewish Cultural Festival Krakow

Israel 1 - 9 July
Met by cousin and Aunt at Airport - big smiles all round
Hotel in Jerusalem 3 Arches 
Visited the Old Town which leads onto the Wailing Wall
Went to the men's bit instead of the women's bit - oops
Soon got ushered out
Masada the house the Herrod built 
The dead sea sinking fast 
It's not easy to navigate if you don't speak Hebrew
The market vast and so much halva..
Got kicked out of a taxi and a bus ..
Tel Aviv
Israel Museum
Family - 
Family trees sitting next to cousins for the first time - the holocaust then and now changing the landscape for Jews everywhere

The state of Israel exists as a safe guard agains the holocaust
The country is only 78 years old 
But has achieved so much
It is a city built on sand - can it survive?

Peering over the precipice of the replica of the wagon that took people to Birkenau.
Never again the whole of Yad Vashem in its architectural grandeur screams
Never ever again

What matters now is never again any where ..
Never again for humanity ..

Tel aviv - used materials that were incompatible with the climate.
Steel and sandstone grate
So the city is being rebuilt and patched up 
 Shabby chique - is the look

Family in Tel Aviv
Walking to Jaffa
A city being built 
The west bank
Palestine Arab Settlements
The bus to Tel Aviv

West Bank warnings on DEFAT websites -
But I never felt unsafe.

Masada - the house that Herod built

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