Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Crumbs parts I II and III

Fruit cake

1 kg mixed fruit
Think figs, think currants, think 
2 1/2 cups of liquid
Think tea, think whiskey, think juice
2 cups self raising flour
Add star anise, add cinnamon stick, add 

Bring fruit to boil in the liquid
Simmer for 3 minutes
Cool for two hours 

Fold sifted flour into fruit

Bake in lined square tin for two hours
On lowest shelf in oven at 150 

Brush hot cake with liquid
Think single malt, think brandy, think

Cool in tin 

Wrap in baking paper and foil
Store in airtight container
Wait two days before slicing

Serve with cheese 
And a strong cup of tea

Recommended musical accompaniment to the baking process 

Part I

Part II
Part III

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