Saturday, October 6, 2018

French Crumbs

Gracious me I made a Galette

1 cup plain flour
90 grams butter
50 mls water
FREEZE FOR 1 HOUR(optional teaspoon dried dill tips)

Tub hummus 200gms
Roasted  1/2 pumpkin  
Roasted 1 red capsicum strips
Fresh basil
Kalamata olives 
Fetta 100gms
(or any other roast veg)
A dash of milk to glaze 

Rub butter, flour(and dill tips)
Add water till dough forms
Roll into circle about 2/3 mls thick
Trim edges if circle is wonky
(doesn't need to be perfect)

Put pastry onto baking or pizza tray with baking paper
Mash roasted pumpkin, roughly mash not overly mashed
 Mix into hummus
  Spread over middle of pastry 
leave around 6cms at edges
Place capsicum, basil and olives over humous
Sprinkle fetta on top

Pleat around edge of galette
(Fold outer edge of uncovered pastry onto edge of the filling leave the centre uncovered. Go for the rustic look)
Brush edges with milk

Bake 180 degrees till golden
Get some mates over
erve with a rocket, pear and parmesan salad and a good pale ale

Make Bake Eat to Feeling Good Nina Simone 
making this you will feel good

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